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Our Vision

Gathering 208 is a church plant that arrived in Boise, ID in July of 2019. We want to see people brought together and hearts moved to action. At Gathering 208 we are Gathered as loving family, Equipped for calling, and Sent Selflessly.

At Gathering 208 we want to see people embrace the thing that God has designed them for, to see God move hearts to action.

We don’t have it all together

None of us are perfect. We all have damaged relationships with people we love, carry baggage from mistakes we have made, struggle daily with something that seems to hold us captive. When you look at Gathering 208 you will find messy people. Yet when we embrace the love and truth of Christ, we discover that we are not made to carry the things that break us. We are made to build community, we are made to find wholeness. At Gathering 208 everyone is welcome, and we hope every one finds family here.

We Gather as loving Family

Relationship matters first. It’s that simple. In John 13:24, Jesus tells us to “Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another.” Thats more than just a command to ‘get along’ or ‘tolerate’ that person you don’t see eye to eye with. Let’s face it, peoples’ problems - let alone personalities - can be hard to love. But Jesus commands us to a new level of love, a supernatural love for one another. We can not hope to impact our community, or the people we meet daily, until we learn to see and love peoples and communities the way Jesus sees and loves them.

Thats why we Gather. In homes, coffeeshops, businesses; wherever people are, we gather.

WE Equip for Calling

Every follower of Jesus has a calling. Matthew 28:19, often called the Great Commission, shows us the call we share. It says, “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” If we follow Jesus, we make disciples…who make disciples. When it comes to equipping, the Discipleship Relationship is our top priority. It’s through discipleship that we grow deeper with God, we expand our capacity to invest in others, and we explore the way our life experiences and our God giftedness uniquely equip us to have a ‘greater than ourselves’ impact in this world.

Being equipped is not just discipleship. We are to be ‘HeroMakers’ - people who leverage our knowledge and influence to see others succeed and grow. We are to raise up leaders by creating environments where leaders first learn how to lead themselves, then how to lead others, and how to lead leaders. We want to launch leaders into the church, our communities, and our businesses.

We Send Selflessly

Every follower of Jesus is commanded to ‘GO’. We see that in Matthew 28:18 as first a call to invest in the live of someone else in a Discipleship Relationship. When we talk about calling, there is a deeper, personal calling we each have as well. There is the thing that breaks our heart. The passion that drives and motivates us. When we discover how we are equipped through experience and giftedness, we are pointed towards a calling we are uniquely equipped for. We can set ourselves aside and ‘GO’ to make an impact greater than ourselves. We are sent into a situation, community, or geographical location that moves our heart to action.

Our heart

Gathering 208 exists because we believe that God desires every life to be impacted by the very real power of Jesus Christ. If we can experience that in our lives it means that there is something greater than just our ourselves to live for. It means that each of us has a call on our lives from God. While that call is uniquely crafted and personal for each of us, at its root there are three core truths that we hold firm to. Gathering, Equipping, and Sending. These three things are seen everywhere when we stop living for ourselves and live for the “something greater” that God has called us for. At Gathering 208 we want to see people embrace the thing that God has designed them for, to see God move hearts to action.

In Matthew 10 and Luke 9 Jesus gathered the disciples, he equipped them with power and authority, and he sent them out. In Luke 10 Jesus does the same thing with seventy-two others. He gathered them together, equipped them for the call and mission he had for them, and Jesus sent them out in pairs to every town and place they where about to go. We, as a church, are called to do the same.

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